Rescuers pull unconscious woman from burning car

Three men are being hailed as heroes after jumping into action to rescue a woman involved in fiery car crash in Surrey.

Car flipped into a ditch and caught fire in Surrey Wednesday night

Three drivers rescue an unconscious woman from a car in a ditch 2:02

Three drivers are being hailed as heroes after jumping into action to rescue a woman involved in fiery car crash in Surrey.

The woman's Volkswagen suddenly left the road on 24 Avenue and 142 Street before 6 p.m. PT Wednesday, when she apparently suffered a medical emergency in the car.

The vehicle then flipped into a ditch and caught fire, trapping the woman inside. Three other drivers, including an off-duty firefighter, stopped to help and managed to pull her to safety.

Chris Griffiths, one of the Good Samaritans who pulled over, said the woman was coming straight for him.

"She looked to me as if she was already unconscious when she left the road....from her facial expression, she passed out before she went into the ditch," he said.

Griffiths said he and the other drivers hurried to help the woman, fearing the flames would engulf the vehicle.

"There were flames coming from underneath the car, the base of the car at the front end, and you could smell the acrid smoke from it.

"We didn't know how quickly it was going to spread. We thought it was going to go shooting up, but it didn't actually get to that thankfully."

Difficult rescue

Chris Griffiths (l) and Mark Heath were two of the Good Samaritans who pulled the woman from the car. (CBC)
Mark Heath, another of the drivers who stopped to help, said it was awkward to get the woman out and they eventually had to pull her through the flipped car and out an open door.

"I was just driving along, saw the vehicle on fire and a couple of people trying to get the lady out. I pulled over, wandered over and gave them a hand," he said.

"She seemed just comatose, okay, but a little bit out of it."

Paramedics and firefighters arrived shortly after.

The woman, identified only as Carlie, is thought to be in her late 20s, or early 30s.

RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet said she is thankful to her rescuers and has been left with only a sore back after the crash.


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