Ticket packages and single-session tickets will be available for the public when tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games go on sale on Oct. 3, the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) said Wednesday.

There are 52 individual Olympic Experience Packages, ranging from $140 to $1,267. A ticket package contains a minimum of three sessions spread over three to six days during the Games.

"OEPs can be combined with single-session tickets, offering the convenience of a well-rounded experience over a set number of days that's tailored to local residents or visitors, to city or Whistler venues, or both," said Caley Denton, vice-president of ticketing and consumer marketing of VANOC.

Denton said requests for ticket packages will be allocated first, followed by requests for single-session tickets, offering people a better chance of obtaining their first choice of tickets.

About two million tickets will be available for the Vancouver 2010 Games, with half of all tickets priced at $100 or less, and 400,000 tickets priced at $25.

The ticket program runs from Oct. 3 to Nov. 7.

New graphic identity launched

VANOC also unveiled a new graphic that it hopes will "create a unified and inspiring visual experience leading up to and during the 2010 Winter Games," according to a press release issued Wednesday.

The new image uses a colour palette of blues and greens meant to evoke the colours that dominate the landscape in the Vancouver and Whistler region. It is layered with textures and patterns that draw on Canada's natural and urban environments and the cultural diversity of its population, the release said.

VANOC also revealed 24 pictograms for the Winter Games.