A federal task force has recommended government regulation of Vancouver's container trucking industry to prevent a repeat of last summer's strike that crippled the port.

Truckers on picket line in June
The truckers went on strike in late June, demanding compensation to cover soaring fuel costs.

They stayed off the job for five weeks, until the federal government imposed temporary licensing – and increased rates and fuel surcharges.

Federal Industry Minister David Emerson then appointed the task force to find long-term solutions for the troubled industry.

The final recommendations, released on Friday, include the creation of a new licensing system and the establishment of an agency to set rates for truckers,

The Vancouver Container Truckers Association says the recommendations don't go far enough to solve the problems of price undercutting.

Spokesperson Paul Uppal says the current imposed system of federal licences and mandated rates is not working and he's not sure the report will fix the ongoing problems

"I don't see anything in any way, shape or form that it is being enforced. The port authority, on its website, have over 270 trucking companies registered. There is definitely price undercutting going on and nobody is enforcing it."