When Ron and Marie McGivern decided to get into the rental market, they didn't choose to start renting properties — they chose chickens.

Starting next spring, they plan to be renting local residents a package including two or four laying hens, a few large bags of feed, food and water dishes, a portable chicken coop and a set of instructions, all delivered to their door.

The two-hen starter package runs $425 plus tax, while the deluxe four-hen package is $600 plus tax.

The pair got the idea after Ron came across the website of an American company appropriately called Rent the Chicken, which already has operations running across Canada and the U.S. They soon signed up to run their own operation.

Marie says there are many benefits to having backyard chickens.

"Children in general, unless they have the opportunity to live on a farm which unfortunately many don't, it's just a really easy way to let them be connected to their food and where it comes from and compassion with animals," said McGivern.

There remains one hitch in the plan though. Kamloops City Council has yet to approve backyard chickens within city limits.

With files from Jenifer Norwell