Hundreds of RCMP officers wearing red serge were joined by police from other forces and first responders for a solemn procession in advance of an RCMP regimental funeral for Const. Sarah Beckett on Tuesday.

Officers came from all over for the event, which took place in the Victoria suburb of Colwood. 

Const. Sarah Beckett funeral

Richmond RCMP Sgt. Rob Quilley didn't know Beckett but felt it was important to travel to Vancouver Island for her funeral. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Richmond RCMP Sgt. Rob Quilley was on the 7 a.m. PT ferry from Tsawwassen in Metro Vancouver. 

"I didn't know her personally, but she's part of the family," he said. "I just like to be out there and show the family that we're there for them. If they need anything, there's a lot of us out there."

Const. Sarah Beckett funeral

Michelle Merry, a registered nurse, and Sherry Moutal, a graphic designer, both traveled to Colwood from Vancouver to play in the RCMP E Division pipe band. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Quilley said he's on duty today, but lots of the officers travelling to Beckett's funeral  did so on their own time.

"It's really, really nice to see these guys travel — some of them long, long distances and a lot of them on their own dime," he said.

Const. Sarah Beckett funeral

Mounties wearing the red serge gather outside Colwood's Q Centre before Const. Sarah Beckett's funeral on Tuesday. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Marilyn Day was first in line to enter the Q Centre in Colwood, where the funeral took place. She didn't know Beckett, but felt it was important to come to show her appreciation for the work police officers do.

"She was out there, in my opinion, keeping our community safe, and she lost her life in that endeavour," she said.

Const. Sarah Beckett funeral

Marilyn Day didn't know Beckett, but she was first in line outside the Q Centre to pay her respects and show support for the work police officers do. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

The sight of so many police supporting Beckett's family had a big impact on Day.

"Seeing them like that gives me an emotional... it's overwhelming."

Const. Sarah Beckett

A mountie walks outside the Q Centre in Colwood on Tuesday, before the RCMP regimental funeral for Const. Sarah Beckett. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Juanita Baird was Beckett's neighbour, and knew her well.

"She was a wonderful neighbour," Baird said. "It means a lot [to be here]. I was very fond of Sarah, and I'm very fond of her husband, and Sarah's mother, and the two boys, of course."

Const. Sarah Beckett funeral

A horse with no rider is led in front of the hearse carrying Const. Sarah Beckett's body to the funeral service on Tuesday. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

"Whenever you saw her, no matter how busy she was with her children, she always made time."

Baird's brother Doug Speakman met Beckett several times while she was playing with the kids in the cul-de-sac by their home.

"She was always sweet, I always thought she was a sweetheart, just the type of person she was," he said. "She was just so pleasant."