RCMP officer could be charged for fatal Agassiz crash

A police investigation is recommending charges against an RCMP officer for a fatal crash in Agassiz, B.C., in June 2011.
The RCMP cruiser is loaded onto a flatbed truck following the crash investigation in Agassiz last June. (Steve Lus/CBC)

A police investigation is recommending charges against an RCMP officer for a fatal crash in Agassiz in June 2011.

The investigation by the Abbotsford Police Department concluded the patrol car driven by the unnamed police officer did not have its lights or siren on when it crossed entirely into the oncoming lane and struck the Ford Mustang Steven Genberg, 20, and Jonathan Dauphney, 19, were in.

Genberg died in hospital several days later.

"The evidence gathered indicates that the police car was travelling westbound at 99 km/h and the Mustang was travelling eastbound at 60-74 km/h, in the posted 80 km/h zone, when they collided," said a statement issued by Abbotsford police Wednesday morning.

The investigators are recommending the officer be charged with driving without due care and attention under the Motor Vehicle Act. The charges still require the approval of Crown prosecutors to go forward.


  • An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the victim as Steven Genburg. In fact, his name is spelled Steven Genberg.
    Mar 21, 2012 3:00 AM PT