A teenager from Surrey, B.C., is one step closer to her dream of becoming an Olympian after winning an event designed to uncover hidden talents.

Kieanna Stephens, 16, beat out the competition at the first national RBC Training Ground event, sponsored in part by CBC.

"When they were announcing the winner, I couldn't process what was going on, it was an amazing feeling, I still haven't really fully processed it," she said. 

The event invited athletes between the ages of 14 and 25 to perform a series of workouts to test their speed, power, strength and endurance, with the goal of discovering athletes who may have Olympic potential for sports they may not have considered.

Stephens says she was shocked to take the top prize, which includes a trip to the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"Because there were other people in my group that were doing so amazing, I felt like it wasn't going super well for me, but I guess it was," she said.

"Strength [is] probably my strongest suit, so I knew that one I excelled at pretty good, but I didn't realize I did so well in all the other ones."

Stephens says she has been invited to consider training in rowing, something she's excited about.

Her parents and her grandparents all played high level sports, she says, and her brother Devante Stephens is an NHL draft for the Buffalo Sabres.