Community gardeners are fighting a plague of rats in Vancouver, as they question whether a mystery bird feeder is secretly sabotaging their blooms and veggies.

Residents near Vancouver's Commercial Drive SkyTrain station say they see dozens of rats scurrying in and around the area daily — because someone has been throwing bird seed in the garden near the station.

Tracy Blackstone lives just steps away from the community garden and says the gardeners are being targeted. 

"I think the community garden took an awful lot of care to make this a really clean and organized place and someone is sabotaging them," said Blackstone.

She said the issue has been going on for a year. Previously, the seeds were being scattered around the neighbourhood, in front of different stores, bus stops and restaurants as well as within the community garden.

'There are multiple rats in the gardens, peering out' - Glen Broatch, resident

Last week, the community gardeners put up dozens of signs in several languages asking the person to stop, but the seeds are still being laid out around the garden's corridors.

"Every day the birds or the rats come eat them and it's still fresh seeds. It goes all the way up to the corner," explains Blackstone.

She says the rats are taking over the area.

"I walk through here at seven o'clock at night, and the rats are just non-stop running back and forth. My friends are afraid to walk up the alley because of how many rats are here."

Glen Broatch, another resident in the area, says he sees dozens of rats every evening.

"They seem to have a trail to follow and then they go back. They are in the gardens still, multiple rats in the gardens, peering out."

Organizers believe they know who is responsible, but they've been unable to communicate with her because of mental health issues and a language barrier.

So far, they've spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of the rats.

Now they are looking into bringing an immigration personnel that will hopefully be able to relay the information to the woman.