In one of the hottest civic election races in B.C. racism is rearing its ugly head, a veteran councillor says.

Three-time councillor Tom Gill says someone is vandalizing the campaign signs of some South Asian candidates in the Surrey civic election campaign.

Gill who is running for Surrey City Council for a fourth term this fall, has posted photos on Facebook of defaced campaign signs.

They show only the South Asian candidates on different election teams are targeted.

"In most cases, there has been a black mark or a black ink or a black spray paint being utilized on some of the campaign pictures," he says.

Defaced campaign sign

This sign for Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode was damaged. (Tom Gill/Facebook)

"And certainly they've been targeting without question some of the South Asian candidates."

Gill says it's the first time he has seen vandalism targeting specific ethnicity during the civic election.

"I'm just dumbfounded to understand why someone would do what they have done," said Gill.

Gill says about a dozen of his signs were damaged, and he believes one or two people may be behind the vandalism.

"I just wanted to highlight and articulate that racism needs to be stopped and it doesn't really matter what political party or affiliation you have."

Voters across B.C. head to the polls on Nov. 15 to elect their next mayors, councillors, school trustees and in some cases, park commissioners.