Fire officials are crediting new bylaws restricting the use of fireworks in many areas of Metro Vancouver for a quiet Halloween night.

Some municipalities, such as Surrey, Richmond and North Vancouver, have complete bans on fireworks, while Vancouver now requires anyone setting off fireworks to have a permit.  

Vancouver Fire and Rescue spokesman Joe Foster says while the number of callouts was reduced, firefighters were still on the lookout for incidents.            

Halloween costums downtown vancouver

Halloween revelers celebrate on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver on Thursday night.

"We've lowered the amount of damage being done out there probably due to some of the bylaw initiatives undertaken," said Foster.

"We've also sent our fire crews around every district around the city just to be a presence on the streets, just to hit those high target areas, the schools, the community centres, the parks"           

Halloween also fell on a weekday, which may have kept some people at home, said Foster.

Vancouver damage estimated at $32,000

In total Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services responded to 17 emergencies overnight Thursday, including 10 directly related to firework use, according to a statement issued by the department on Friday morning.

"The calls involved extinguishing fires in a dumpster, multiple garbage cans, hedges, a Canada Post mailbox and pallets set on fire in a school field. Firework damage is estimated at $32,000."

In previous years the department has estimated fireworks-related damage has ranged from $1.3 million in 2007 to $50,000 in 2009 when rain put a damper on festivities.

One woman also suffered a serious injury to her eye after she was hit by a bottle rocket firework just after midnight near Main and Cordova streets, according to the statement.

Police were called out to Granville Street around 3 a.m. PT after one man was knocked unconscious during an assault.

Halloween related fire damage in Vancouver

Year Fires Est. cost of damages
2006 56 $150,000
2007 41 $1,300,000
2008 39 $500,000
2009 22 $50,000
2010 25 $200,000
2011 37 $453,000
2012 16 $97,000
2013 10 $32,000

(Source: Vancouver Fire and Rescue)