A Princeton woman gave birth to her son in the back seat of the family's SUV on the side of the road on Wednesday after being sent away from the Princeton hospital.

Jessica Obey had gone to the hospital knowing her baby was on the way as her water had broken and she was having rapid contractions.

But when she arrived at Princeton General early on Wednesday morning, Obey says she was told to go to the larger regional hospital in Penticton.

"They figured I still had five or six hours before the baby was going to come, so they decided it would be safe if I was to drive over in a truck rather than an ambulance."

But less than an hour later, Obey was giving birth in the parking lot of a roadside coffee bar near Penticton – with help from her boyfriend and her dad.

"I was a little worried because of possible complications right – the baby getting too cold, his body temperature dropping, or the umbilical cord being wrapped around him, because none us knew exactly what we were doing."

The baby's father, Dion Lewis, says he was getting instructions over the phone after calling 911 for help.

"The head was popped out," he said. "I ran over to the other side of the truck and held onto the baby's head and wiped his mouth off and whatnot. And then once he popped out, I grabbed a shoelace tied off his umbilical cord and waited for the ambulance to show up."

The couple say young Mitchell is a healthy eight pounds.

But they're not happy with the circumstances of his birth, and say they plan to file a complaint with the Interior Health Authority.

Lorraine Ferguson, the community administrator in the South Okanagan with the Interior Health Authority, says there will be a full investigation into the incident.

She also notes that the Princeton hospital hasn't done deliveries for the past three or four years, with mothers from the area going to Penticton to give birth.