The B.C. government has named the Delta, B.C., police chief and 30 others in a lawsuit involving a bar brawl that put a former NHL player into a coma.

The lawsuit says Garrett Burnett was smashed on the head with a bar stool during a fight at the Cheers Nightclub in Delta on Boxing Day 2006.

The government's lawsuit alleges the bar owner and its employees failed to make sure Burnett would be safe, didn't properly alert emergency responders after the assault and didn't have a proper system for watching alcohol consumption.

Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford was named as the person responsible for the two investigating officers, who the lawsuit says failed to safeguard exhibits such as video surveillance.

Burnett, who played 39 games for the Anaheim Ducks in the 2003 season, was severely brain injured and placed on life support after the assault. The suit says he still suffers from loss of memory and cognitive abilities.

The government is suing under its Health Care Costs Recovery Act, attempting to get back the money it spent to help Burnett recover.