The verdict in a manslaughter trial in Prince George was unexpectedly delayed when the accused man failed to show up for the verdict after telling police he was having car troubles.

Lloyd William Cook, 54, is on trial for his involvement in the death of a Prince George teenager 13 years ago.

Cook was supposed to be in court in Prince George yesterday morning to hear the judge's verdict in the case, but the Oliver resident never showed up. That prompted the judge to issue an arrest warrant for him.

RCMP Corp. Craig Douglass says Cook was last heard from in Williams Lake, where he claimed his vehicle had broken down.

"His vehicle was located, and he was spoken to on the early morning hours of the 31st, before he missed court. Since then we have not had contact with him, and we are wishing the public, anyone who knows where he is, to contact us."

Cook is on trial for manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, unlawful confinement, and interference with the dead body of 13-year-old Adam Scott Williams-Dudoward,

The teenager died in 2000 after being confined to a bedroom in a trailer home for a number of days. His body was found four years later in a wooded area along a Prince George road.