Prince George's top cop ordered to apologize for harassing workers

The officer in charge of the RCMP's Prince George detachment was ordered to apologize after several workers complained of harassment at the station, CBC News has learned.

Several complaints upheld by internal investigation

The officer in charge of the RCMP's Prince George detachment was ordered to apologize after several workers complained of harassment at the station, CBC News has learned.

The former manager of Prince George's civilian staff at the detachment told CBC News he was subject to dehumanizing harassment by RCMP Supt. Dahl Chambers.

Ken Corrigan told CBC News that during his time as manager of civilian staff with the City of Prince George, Chambers made inappropriate gestures at him and repeatedly called him names in front of colleagues.

"He would make masturbating gestures towards me, make derogatory comments, like, 'You little prick,'" said Corrigan, who worked closely with Chambers at the city detachment.

"It was a horrible experience in my life.… It would be difficult every day walking in the door, knowing you've got to face this over and over and over again," Corrigan told CBC News on Thursday.

RCMP acting Staff Sgt. Tim Shields said a total of 11 allegations of harassment were filed against Chambers.

According to Shields, several of the complaints were upheld following an internal investigation in February, and Dahl was ordered by the RCMP to write letters of apology to at least three complainants.

It is not yet clear whether the other complainants were city staff or RCMP staff because the RCMP did not release the findings of the internal investigation.

But on Wednesday, CBC News obtained a copy of the RCMP's February decision on the seven complaints of harassment filed by Corrigan.

Force says harassment is 'serious matter'

In the decision, RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass dismissed half of the manager's complaints but upheld three allegations of disparaging, degrading treatment.

Among the complaints upheld were allegations that Chambers called Corrigan a "bastard," an "idiot," a "water boy," and made a "masturbatory" gesture at him in public.

Shields said the police force treats harassment as a serious matter.

"We take this type of thing seriously and we don't tolerate it, regardless of who is involved.… In this case, it happened to be a high-ranking officer of the RCMP.… As supervisors, we have to set an example for the rest of the rank-and-file," said Shields on Wednesday.

Bass ordered Chambers to write a letter of apology and to undergo "operational guidance" from senior officers.

Chambers did not reply to the CBC's requests for an interview.

Corrigan no longer works for the city. His position was split into two jobs shortly before his planned retirement.

With files from Betsy Trumpener