Two bear cubs in Prince George, B.C., are recovering in a wildlife shelter after their mother was killed after attacking a man and his dog on Tuesday. 

Reid Roberts and his dog Pacer were running in Forest for the World park near the University of Northern B.C. when they startled a mother black bear and two cubs who were in the bushes at the side of the trail.

The sow was killed after she attacked Roberts, but her two cubs were sedated and transported to the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter near Smithers.

"They're doing really good, and they're both eating and looking totally normal," said Angelika Langen, who runs the shelter. 

She said the cubs will go into quarantine for about two weeks and will then get introduced to the other bears at the shelter.

"We have six others and we keep them until next year," she said. "That's the time when they're naturally leaving their mother."

Roberts was treated in hospital for the gash on his hand, which required 16 stitches. His other injuries — claw scratches, cuts and bruises — were mostly superficial.

With files from Andrew Kurjata