Firefighters in Burnaby, B.C, rescued a priest from inside a Catholic church after a crucifix caught fire.

The fire broke out Monday night just before midnight at Our Lady of Mercy Parish church on Tenth Avenue.

Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Kirk believes a candle may have tipped over and set a crucifix on fire. After the fire alarms went off, the priest did what he could to get the fire out.

"He was at home in bed and then the fire alarms went off in the church because the smoke set off the detectors," said Kirk.

"He was trying to put the fire out. He never did call it in himself, I guess he thought he'd be better served going in and trying to put the fire out."

The firefighters were alerted by the fire alarms and arrived to find smoke coming from the church. They soon learned the priest was inside and moved in to rescue the man.

Kirk said there was smoke damage to the church, but no one was injured.

According to Catholic tradition, churches burn candles during Lent starting on Ash Wednesday, which was on Feb. 10 this year, until Easter, which is on March 27.