Officials say patients will be treated with Tamiflu if an Influenza A outbreak is confirmed at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. (Pawel Dwulit/Canadian Press)

Health officials are trying to cope with what they believe is an outbreak of Influenza A at a small hospital near Victoria.

The director of infection prevention and control for the Vancouver Island Health Authority says 11 people at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital became sick with flu-like symptoms over the weekend.

Dr. Pamela Kibsey says the hospital is acting fast to try to contain the outbreak.

"We've restricted visitors. We've restricted patients to their rooms and common activities and so forth," she said.

"If it is Influenza A, then we will be going further to treat the patients affected with Tamiflu and also offer Tamiflu to all of the health care providers that work there."

Kibsey says the hospital is already short-staffed due to illness and may find it difficult to cope if more staff members fall ill.

Of the two main types of influenza, A can be more serious than the generally milder B.