A former air cadet has run afoul of retailing giant Costco for attempting to sell Remembrance Day poppies in a Langley store.

The retailer told war veteran Wayne Hamilton last weekend to stop fundraising on store premises. "They said it just wasn't my day," explains Hamilton.

The poppy campaign runs for about two weeks and helps to commemorate the sacrifices Canadian soldiers and peacekeepers have made over the years. It also raises several million dollars for the Royal Canadian Legion to fund veteran and legion programs.

Joanne Henderson, poppy fund coordinator at the B.C. Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, says the legion is very thankful for the time Costco does give them because the money raised is vital.

"It would always be nice to have more time but what we do get is great."

Costco did not return repeated calls and emails seeking comment on the Langley situation.

Wayne Hamilton says he is not upset, noting that he has been welcomed at the Superstore, where he can fundraise on weekdays and weekends. He says he's just thankful he can continue to help veterans and remember those who suffered and died for Canada.

"It's an important thing to remember all those people."