If a haunted house doesn't scare you, this new virtual reality experience might just do the trick.

Vancouver-based Moves Media has set up what they say is the city's first pop-up virtual reality Halloween experience. 

Participants put on VR googles and headphones and immerse themselves in a clinical trial that goes horrifically wrong and come face to face with nightmarish characters. 

"When you're watching a movie in a room, that room is in your periphery, whereas, in this, you're specifically in that horror film," said Moves Media owner Blaise Sack. 

"You basically get transplanted smack in the middle of the action, to be terrified, not just in one direction, but in 360 degrees." 

They've set up shop in Gastown with the final act, unsurprisingly, on Halloween night. 

Watch the video for a sneak preview.