Vancouver police have recommended 200 new charges against 50 people alleged to have been involved in Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot in June 2011 â€” and among them was a man described as the police department's No. 1 suspect.

The man was allegedly involved in the assault of Robert MacKay, a Good Samaritan who was swarmed and beaten by 15 people while he was trying to protect The Bay department store from potential window-smashers and looters.


Jonathan Mahoney was dubbed by Vancouver police as IRIT-00001. (Vancouver police)

Fourteen people have already been charged in connection with the assault on MacKay, and the 15th suspect, Jonathan Stephen Mahoney, was arrested Tuesday in Lanigan, Sask., Insp. Laurence Rankin announced at a news conference Wednesday.

Mahoney, 24, of Conception Bay, N.L., was to be flown to Vancouver later Wednesday. Rankin said police are recommending charges of participating in a riot, assault, assault with a weapon and two counts of mischief against him.


Robert McKay covers his head as he is swarmed during the Stanley Cup riot. (CBC)

The total number of charges recommend by police now stands at 872, against 275 individuals.

The Crown has so far approved charges against more than 140 people. Several dozen have pleaded guilty, but only a handful have been sentenced.

The riot caused nearly $4 million in damage over several blocks of downtown Vancouver. Rioters smashed windows, set cars on fire and looted stores for hours until police in riot gear and on horseback were able to bring the crowd under control.