Vancouver police and the RCMP conducted a major raid on a Hells Angels clubhouse Friday afternoon.

People living on East Georgia St. say about a dozen SWAT team members entered the clubhouse with a battering ram.

The police immediately cordoned off the area and set up two police command units.

Vancouver police aren't saying much, but they confirm the raid was a joint operation with the RCMP.

"We can confirm that it involves the Hells Angels and the Hells Angels clubhouse at the 3500 block of East Georgia," Vancouver Police Const. Howard Chow said. "Any other information will be coming from a press conference we'll be holding early next week."

Some Hells Angels members weren't happy about the raid. John Bryce says police roughed up a couple of the club's members during the initial assault.

Other members of the notorious gang stood across the street as the police searched their clubhouse.

Bryce read the police warrant and says the officers were looking for Hells Angels paraphernalia. He called the police raid unnecessary.

"This is all propaganda," he said. "What do they need all these guys for and a SWAT team? We're not armed and we're not running around doing anything illegal.

"Knock on the door, I'll look at the warrant and say whoever's there and I'll say okay come on in."

Police will only say the raid is part of an ongoing investigation. Bryce says the Hells Angels will be talking to their lawyer.