Police on Vancouver Island say they have several good leads on the identity of a motorcycle rider who filmed himself weaving through traffic at extremely high speeds on a busy highway outside Victoria.

In the video, the speedometer shows the motorbike rocketing past vehicles at speeds close to 300 km/h, passing along the centre line, shocking even veteran traffic officers and professional motorcycle riders, who have seen it.

Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen says investigators have now identified the IP address where the YouTube video was uploaded, and think they are closing in on the anonymous account holder, so far identified only as Joe Blow.

"The IP address has led to an ISP which is an internet service provider. And from there it does take some steps to sort of drill down a little bit on specifically where it came from," Jantzen told CBC News on Wednesday morning.

But investigators are confident they know the geographic area where the video was uploaded and which they are matching with a number of tips from people who think they know the identity of the rider.

"There is a particular [name] that seems to be coming up time and time again," said Jantzen.

Police have also identified the bike as a Blue Yamaha, and are asking anyone who may have witnessed the high-speed ride to contact them.