The federal government is directing the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to conduct a full investigation into the impact of unbundling cable TV channels.

"In the speech from the throne, our government said that we believe Canadian families should be able to choose the combination of television channels that they want," said Federal Heritage and Language Minister Shelly Glover in Vancouver on Thursday .

"Right now, most cable and satellite TV subscribers must sign up for bundles of channels, many of which they may have no interest in, to get the ones that they really want.

"Our government said very clearly that we would require channels to be unbundled, while protecting Canadian jobs."

Jon Festinger, a faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, says cable television is already irrelevant to many young Canadians.

"It's clear certainly from my anecdotal evidence talking to students, very few students are part of the cable TV universe, said Festinger.

"And what's more disturbing is that most of them don't see themselves ever becoming part of it. So, once you're a cord cutter, it looks like you're going to stay a cord cutter," says Festinger.

The CRTC is to report back no later than April 30, 2014.