Penticton's Three Mile Beach: nude sunbathers expose concerns

The owner of a beachfront property near Penticton, B.C., says nude sunbathers who have been using his land for decades, are now ruining his attempts to sell it.

Privately-owned waterfront had been a nudist beach for decades

Nudists enjoyed the sun and the water on the weekend at Three Mile Beach. (Brady Strachan)

The owner of a beachfront property near Penticton, B.C., says nude sunbathers who have been using his land for decades, are now ruining his attempts to sell it.    

Cary Pinkowski bought the land containing part of Three Mile Beach in 2006 and didn't it change much until this summer,  when he posted no trespassing signs, put up a fence and hired security to keep all the naked people out.

Public access to the traditionally clothing optional section of Three Mile Beach near Penticton, B.C., is no longer allowed.

Then, last week, the RCMP began getting complaints the nudists had moved onto the neighbouring public beach, which is accessed by the same parking lot, but traditionally separated from the clothing optional zone by a large tree.

Pinkowski says he isn't against nude sunbathing. He just doesn't want it on his land, or the public beach next door.

"I mean you have five to 10-year-olds and five meters away you have nude 50 to 60-year-old men," says Pinkowski, who says the nudists are ruining his attempts to sell the property.

"Well, it's essentially worth zero until these people find a new property."       

Beachgoer Dennis Roszell also wants the nudists out, because of what he says is also happening on the beach

"I've seen sex acts right there. I and my family are really offended," says Roszell.    

Nudists seeking sun       

Over the weekend many nudists told CBC News they are just looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sun and the water.

"I like to sunbathe in the nude. To be able to do this in the middle of summer and enjoy it, it's great," said Rollie Lapointe.

Many, like Rick Giles, who lives near the beach and supports the nudists, say it is only the property owners and not the beachgoers, who are complaining.

"The only thing that's changed here is that we have two property owners who have come together to push the issue of public nudity."

Penticton RCMP Sgt Rick Dellebuur says they are patrolling the area and will ask people to put some clothes on if they are being indecent, but they are not issuing tickets yet.

"We are speaking with these individuals and telling them of the conflict and hopefully to come up with some type of compromise where they put their clothes on or move somewhere where there isn't any complaints," said Dellebuur.

Google Maps: Three Mile Road, Penticton.

With files from Brady Strachan


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