Peacock up for adoption at B.C. SPCA

Do you want to adopt a peacock? The B.C. SPCA is putting a peahen up for adoption, after a concerned resident found the wandering bird in West Vancouver 10 days ago.

Peahen found wandering West Vancouver's streets last week

This peahen, which SPCA staff dubbed Fabulous B, is up for adoption after a West Vancouver resident found it wandering around the neighbourhood. (Dragana Hajdukovic/ BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch)

Would you like to adopt a peacock?

The B.C. SPCA is putting up a peahen for adoption, after a concerned resident found the bird wandering near Mathers Avenue and 22nd Street in West Vancouver 10 days ago. 

A peahen is a female peacock. Unlike their male counterparts, peahens do not have brightly-coloured tail feathers.

But that didn't stop SPCA staff at the West Vancouver branch from naming the peahen Fabulous B.

"This girl is very tame, which leads us to believe that she has been around people before," said Dragana Hajdukovic, branch manager of the West Van SPCA.

Hajdukovic says staff do not know how Fabulous B ended up in West Vancouver or whether there are other peacocks in the area.

Fabulous B has stayed at the BC SPCA West Vancouver location for 10 days and is ready to find a new home, says branch manager Dragana Hajdukovic. (Dragana Hajdukovic/BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch)

Peacocks are not on the list of banned exotic animals according to the B.C. SPCA's website, but exotic pets are not for everyone said Hajdukovic.

"Not every animal may make a fabulous pet. Its really, really important to do your research."

SPCA staff is doing it's own research — about how much a peacock would cost.

"We have never ... had to charge an adoption fee for a peacock," said Hajdukovic.


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