New Westminster police arrested a woman driver on suspicion of impaired driving after a crash on the Pattullo Bridge damaged several vehicles.

A northbound burgundy station wagon drove across the bridge, straddling the centre line and went over the pylon dividers until it crashed into a concrete divider. 

Police confirmed Friday the woman had been arrested and that an impaired driving investigation was ongoing.

Rush hour drivers, including Noor Makhani, scrambled to avoid the car around 6:30 p.m. PT on Thursday.

His was one of the first cars to be hit, and he says the female driver just seemed to want to overtake another vehicle. 

"She just slammed through the poles and I thought she would almost hit me, so I slammed the brakes," he said. "I thought she was going to hit me head on."

"The pole came, smashed her windshield, it smashed the other cars."