The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association is asking city council to delay by one year a planned increase in the price of downtown street parking.

The city is set to increase hourly parking by 25 cents at the beginning of January. The scheduled hike was set out in 2013 to help fund other parking projects that have not yet materialized. 

Association board president Mike O'Reilly says the city already has a surplus with the current parking fees so he doesn't see a reason for an increase.

"Parking is not supposed to be a profit house for the City of Kamloops and general taxpayers. Parking is meant to pay for parking," O'Reilly said.  

He says this represents an 18-per-cent increase in parking fees.

"If you look at it percentage wise, that is huge."

Cycle Logic owner Mike Lee agrees that the city could hold off on raising the price of parking. His bike shop recently opened in the city's downtown.

"It could add up to some frustration," he said.

"Twenty-five cents isn't something that people should choke on, but it's the principle behind it."

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association will present its proposal to Kamloops city council on Dec. 12.