Seth Rogen's latest Netflix project has already given some Vancouverites an impromptu wake-up call.

Overnight drone filming for the upcoming Rogen-produced comedy, Game Over, Man!, ended with several complaints directed towards the City of Vancouver, which issued a permit allowing the drone to shoot into the wee hours of the night on May 16 and 17.

Filming took place at the MNP Plaza on West Hastings.

"We believed that it was a quiet enough piece of equipment ... that it wouldn't disturb people," said Sandi Swanigan, senior manager of film and special events for the city. "I think this is the first time we allowed overnight [drone] filming."

Swanigan says the primary complaint came from a nearby highrise near the corner of West Hastings and Burrard streets, whose concierge filed a complaint on behalf of the building's residents.

Swanigan says the incident marks the first time the city has received noise complaints for film production drones. It's also the first time the city extended  its nightly curfew for the equipment.

"We definitely will be looking at the feedback that we're getting and determine how we can better do it. I am in contact with the production and I'm hoping to see if they can mitigate this issue."

She says the neighbourhood is a Hollywood North hotspot and film producers say drone footage is one of the more effective ways of bringing the beauty of the city skyline to the big screen.

"We've always really appreciated the accommodation of the people on that street for filming," she said. "I think it has a really good urban, downtown look, and has ... historically been fairly unresidential."

Game Over, Man! stars Workaholics actors Blake Anderson, Anders Holme and Adam Devine. The film follows the trio as they try to get a video game financed and has been described as a Die Hard spoof.

The film premieres on Netflix, April 20, 2018.