It's a fantasy for many on the West Coast: give up your office job for a life on a quiet island communing with nature.

David Cox lived that fantasy, and he wrote the book on it. Our Life Off the Grid: An Urban Couple Goes Feral will soon be available on paperback — it's currently available as an e-book.

Cox used to live what he calls "the cul-de-sac existence." He lived in the suburbs with two kids and a variety of jobs, trying everything from running a medical clinic, to professional motorcycle racing to a stint as a banker.

"I was bored," said Cox. "I thought the routine of driving in traffic and living to work was unsatisfying."

Our Life Off the Grid book

David Cox's book will soon be available on paperback

David and his wife Sally set off for Read Island, B.C., a remote island that has no roads, no stores and no power.

"It's an incredible challenge when you go off the grid," said Cox. "It was not boring from the get-go."

The Coxes built their house from scratch.

"It's not quite as hippy as I make it sound," he explains.

They shipped in the wood by barge, used power tools and sought the help of how-to books from the library.

Their power comes from solar panels and a wind turbine, their water from a nearby creek. Some of their food comes from the beach and the ocean, where orcas swim a stone's throw from his front porch.

Most importantly for David, he and his wife Sally do all the work — roofing, plumbing, even basic medical care.

"It really makes you feel alive, it makes you feel better, it makes you feel healthier," said David. "I'm way happier."

David said he often comes across people who want to live a life off the grid. His advice?

"My response has always been, well, you should do it," said David. "Because working in the rat race is overall not satisfying."

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