The new owners of a 134 year-old house in Osoyoos are taking it apart because they say the original plan to preserve the building as a wine shop proved too costly.

The two-storey, 10-room house on the east side of Osoyoos Lake, called the Haynes House, was built in 1882. The Dhaliwal family recently bought the property but the old furnace system and widespread mould in the basement made renovations too expensive.

"Once the furnace kicks in, the mold and musty smell goes all throughout the house, said Dhaliwal.

The final winemaking plan for the property includes two buildings — a steel one for manufacturing and a boutique-style storefront where the original building currently stands.

Preserving some heritage

Dhaliwal says the family is carefully taking the house apart in order to preserve as many pieces of the original building as possible. Those pieces may be used in the final design of the new building, he said.

Haynes house being demolished

The 134-year-old Haynes house, built by Osoyoos pioneer John Carmichael Haynes in 1882, as it looks today. (N. Newman)

"We feel it's the right thing to do."

He is also donating some items from the home to the Osoyoos museum. He plans to use the Haynes name in some of the vintages he produces.

Dhaliwal says several people from Osoyoos are coming by to see the house for the last time, including some who lived there over the years.

"I'm always welcoming people, George Fraser had come by and I had a chat with him and he also brought his family members and toured them throughout the house."

Fraser's family owned the house for about 70 years, until it sold the property in the 90s.

Dhaliwal says he hopes to preserve the legacy of the property at his winery by using the Haynes name in some of the vintages he produces.

The building is scheduled for completion in the spring if 2017.

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