A 29-year-old male snowboarder from Ontario was found dead on Whistler Mountain, north of Vancouver, on Wednesday morning.

Authorities say the snowboarder, who has not been identified, was reported missing on Tuesday evening when he failed to show up at the end of the day in the village.

A search for him was resumed on Wednesday and his body was found in the Harmony zone around 11:30 a.m. PT, according to Whistler RCMP Sgt. Rob Knapton.

"We're still trying to look through exactly what happened. Our best guess at this point in time is that he got into an area that was maybe beyond his skill level and had detached himself from his board and tried to come down on foot," said Knapton.

Barb McLintock, a spokesperson for the B.C. Coroners Service, confirmed the death was not suspicious.

"No avalanche, nothing suspicious...[It] would appear to be a tragic accident, although as I say, everything is still very preliminary," said McLintock.