A two-stepping cowboy from Kelowna, B.C., will be kicking up his boots one last time tonight, after two decades spent bringing smiles to the faces of hundreds of dance partners.

Arnie Davis, 79, has been a fixture at the OK Corral cabaret for nearly 20 years, leading the ladies in a waltz or a two-step. 

Pamela Fink says he is such a popular partner women line up to dance with Davis.  

"Oh, he's phenomenal. He could teach anybody to two-step and he was just the most phenomenal dancer." 

Davis's neighbor and long-time friend Heidi Jewitt says he warmed the hearts of many much younger gals with a tip of his cowboy hat and a quick smile.

"He's pretty much on the dance floor the whole night. He comes off the dance floor and there's another girl waiting to dance, so he's back out.

"He never got tired until recently," says Jewitt.

That's because this summer Davis was diagnosed with prostate and lung cancer.

So when the cabaret announced that Friday night will likely be his last appearance, hundreds of people posted their memories and messages of support on Facebook.

Word is at least one woman is flying in from Alberta just to pay tribute to the two-stepping cowboy at the OK Corral.