The 2010 Vancouver Winter Games may be over, but an Olympic-size lost and found is still open for one final day.

An estimated 5,000 items were turned into the facility at 450 West Broadway during the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games in February and March. About 4,000 items still remain unclaimed, staff at the facility said.

The most common items are umbrellas, but there are also plenty of flags, noisemakers, cameras, canes, prescription medication, and bags and bags of the ubiquitous red mittens emblazoned with the Olympic rings.

But anyone thinking of stopping by and claiming an errant pair of mitts better have their story straight, warns Hendrick Hoekema, who runs the facility.

At the very least, they'll need to know which section of which of the 26 Olympic and Paralympic venues the items were left in, she said.

"Each item when it has been found ... they've all been bagged into plastic bags with actually an official form to [identify] where it was found and what day and from location and what venue," said Hoekema.         

Any items still unclaimed when the facility closes on Friday at 4 p.m. PT will either be donated to charities, sold at an upcoming sale or, in the case of more valuable items such as cameras and mitts, auctioned off on eBay.

The proceeds will go toward the building of an early childhood education centre on the Downtown Eastside.

The lost and found facility was run by a coalition of inner-city non-profit organizations during the Games to provide jobs and volunteer opportunities for those in need.