The B.C. Construction Association warns a shortage of skilled workers could drive up the costs of building Vancouver's Olympic facilities.

Association president Mike Geoghegan says building Olympic venues and Olympic upgrades like the Sea-to-Sky highway could cost 20 per cent more than expected.

He says it's a matter of basic economics, with a growing demand for trades people because of the construction boom.

"We know demand is growing and that is a good thing. Right now we are moving into another boom and that is wonderful," he says. "But we need to do something on the supply side."

Geoghegan says the B.C. government needs to promote the trades as a career option for people coming out of high school.

He also says Canada needs to welcome more immigrants with trades skills to this country.

New board meets

There's no word whether construction costs are on the agenda as the 2010 Organizing Committee holds its first board of directors meeting on Tuesday.

The 19-member board has said it plans to begin working on a number of issues including project scheduling, as well as marketing and sponsorship plans.

As expected, Bid Committee chair and CEO Jack Poole has been named chairman of the committee.