Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson told the inquiry he took Robert Dziekanski's pulse and checked his breathing before firefighters arrived, but admitted his first-aid certification had expired years earlier. ((CBC))

The supervising RCMP officer who says he monitored Robert Dziekanski after the Polish immigrant was stunned by a Taser hadn't been current in first-aid training for five years.

Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson on Tuesday told the B.C. inquiry into Dziekanski's death that he took the man's pulse and checked his breathing before firefighters arrived at Vancouver airport.

But Robinson said his first-aid training had expired in 2002, and he hadn't yet completed recertification.

Still, he took responsibility for checking Dziekanski's condition before firefighters arrived after Dziekanski was jolted five times by a Taser stun gun in October 2007.

The fire captain on duty that night testified earlier that, when he arrived, he didn't think anyone had been checking Dziekanski and it appeared as if the man was already dead.

Other RCMP officers have testified they never saw anyone, including Robinson, conduct a proper pulse or breathing check.