The city of Vancouver says the Occupy Vancouver camp in the downtown core has cost the city more than $500,000 since it began last Saturday.

Most of the money has gone to policing, which was beefed up for the event in light of the Stanley Cup riot.

The bill for the Vancouver police totals $390,000, while it cost another $50,000 to have an RCMP tactical unit on stand-by last Saturday when protesters first gathered outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Despite fears of violence, the occupation has been peaceful, and while the number of demonstrators has dwindled since the protest began, the occupation continues to linger with a collection of tents.

In addition to policing, the city says it's also spent $87,000 for health officers, sanitation workers, fire personnel and other staff to monitor the site.

The city says these costs can be covered by $1 million in contingency funds set aside after the riot.