Fire officials are ordering campers at the Occupy Vancouver site to stop using open flames and propane tanks in order to prevent a potentially deadly situation.

Vancouver Fire Dept. order to Occupy Vancouver

  • Remove all tarp enclosures or erect overhead tarps as canopies providing full visibility and appropriate egress and access.
  • Identify for fire safety inspectors all tents that are occupied.
  • Remove unoccupied tents.
  • Provide appropriate spacing between tents to reduce/eliminate fire spread and smoke exposure.
  • Remove all open flame and/or flammable heat sources. 
  • No propane or other fuel sources on site.

Occupants have ignored an earlier order by the fire chief, who banned fuels of any kind at the downtown camp, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service Capt. Gabe Roder said Thursday.

Roder said an order would be issued for occupants to remove all tarp enclosures and unoccupied tents and space out tents to eliminate or reduce the chance of fire spreading between them, effective Friday at 10 a.m. PT.

The order came after fire crews and paramedics had trouble getting into the site to treat a man suffering a drug overdose Thursday.

The man survived because a medic was on duty at the camp, where protesters also tried to bar the media and ended up scuffling with reporters trying to cover the incident.

Roder says emergency personnel discovered two propane tanks in the enclosed area and it would have been difficult for firefighters to perform rescue duties if there had been a fire.


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