Uncertainty from the provincial government about funding for charities has North Shore Search and Rescue concerned it may be forced to scale back its operations.

Earlier this month, the province announced a freeze on all gaming grants, which is essentially funding from casinos that is funnelled to local charities.

The government is reviewing the gaming grants and Tim Jones of North Shore Search and Rescue said he has no guarantee from the province that his group will get the funding it needs.

"We're heavily relied upon when there are major search operations, disaster operations, missing children, missing elderly people, you name it," said Jones.

The organization is looking for $100,000 for training and rescue equipment, as well as gear for a new remote station.

Jones said its life-saving operation could be in jeopardy if rescue volunteers don't get the help they need.

"They [the provincial government] really have crossed the line as far as I'm concerned. This is really unacceptable," he said.

North Shore Search and Rescue won't find out until November whether the cash will come through, but by then, Jones said, it could be too late.