North Shore Rescue looking for volunteers

In a post asking for volunteers, North Shore Rescue says hanging from a helicopter is some of the work successful candidates will have to do for the service, which has never been busier. (North Shore Rescue)

It's been a rough year for Mike Danks and the other 40 or so volunteers at North Shore Rescue, "to be honest, we kind of got our butts kicked," he said.

The outfit saw its busiest year ever in 2015 and says its members were stretched too thin.

They conducted 138 rescues, the most in NSR's 50 year history.

On average North Shore Rescue gets 90 calls a year, but says an apparent trend towards hikers going into the backcountry unprepared may be behind the increase.

"We are seriously taking a look at bringing on some new members, because we want to reduce the burden on our current members," said Danks.

Potential volunteers must have first-aid training and be familiar with the North Shore mountains.

North Shore Rescue helicopter pick up

North Shore Rescue is looking for volunteers to help with the demanding number of rescues. (North Shore Rescue)

"But we're really kind of focusing on fit with the team and availability," said Danks, adding that volunteers need to be available for at least 10 hours a week to attend training sessions and rescue calls.

The deadline for applying for one of seven spots is Friday, Jan 8, 2016.