Searchers spent more than five hours looking for a 53-year-old Australian tourist named Rick Wednesday, who was reported missing by his wife after leaving her in North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park to get a better view.


North Shore Rescue says Rick hasn't been seen since he went hiking early Wednesday morning in Lynn Canyon Park. (North Shore Rescue)

North Shore Rescue's Doug Pope says the man told his wife he was just going to a viewpoint to take a few photos and that he would come back and meet her in Lynn Canyon.

But when he didn't show up after more than three hours, his wife called police.

"She was quite distraught thinking he was either lost or had slipped on one of the canyon walls and hurt himself," said Pope.

North Shore Rescue was called in and the man's photo was put out on social media by the searchers.

Fifteen crew members were called out and a helicopter was brought in to comb the river.

The man turned up after hiking out of the canyon to Panorama Park in Deep Cove, and called police.

Pope said the couple didn't have cell phones, leading to a regrettable case of miscommunication.

He says it's always a good idea to have a trip plan and a phone.

MAP: Lynn Canyon Park, Panorama Park, North Vancouver, B.C.