A Kamloops Greek restaurant is closed and undergoing a thorough cleaning, after it was linked to an outbreak of norovirus among more than three dozen hospital workers.

Kamloops Royal Inland Hospital was forced to cancel 26 elective surgeries last week after doctors, nurses and other hospital staff became ill, several days after attending a party catered by Dorian Greek House.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Rob Parker says a second event was catered by Dorian on Dec. 13, before the norovirus link was identified, and several more people reported vomiting and diarrhea by Sunday.

"Norovirus tends to be the most common cause of vomiting and diarrhea and it tends to peak over the winter months,” says Parker.

Restaurant owner Dianne Docolous says that seven of her staff have also contracted the virus, and that the eatery will stay closed until cleaning is complete and the restaurant receives permission from the Interior Health authority to reopen.

Parker says surgeries at the hospital are being conducted as normal this week.

- with files from Brady Strachan and Canadian Press