A Port Coquitlam man is calling for an urgent change to what he calls a dangerous road in North Vancouver.

There is no sidewalk on a portion of Mackay Road, a high-volume corridor just up the street from Bodwell High School.

"There's zero sidewalks on either side of the road between 2nd and 3rd,” said Todd Deslaurier, who drives through the intersection every day to get to work.

He says because there is no sidewalk, he sees kids walking on the street between cars every day.

"In the mornings or after school, it's just a steady stream of young people,” he said.

"These students have their back to the traffic. Right now it's not too bad but give it a couple of weeks when kids walk home in the dark."

A spokesperson from the city of North Vancouver confirmed they are planning to put a sidewalk into the area but provided no details on when it might be in place.

mackay road, north vancouverMackay Road, North Vancouver