The RCMP say they don't have enough evidence to lay charges against employees of the Insurance Corporation of B.C. who bought written-off vehicles and resold them without disclosing the damage the vehicles had suffered.

About 100 wrecked cars from an ICBC training and repair facility in Burnaby were bought by corporation staff through an auction, then rebuilt and sold.

The RCMP launched a fraud investigation in April 2008 but said in a release Monday that police had determined that the way the vehicles were sold was not criminal.

Investigators interviewed nearly 300 people, including claims estimators, clerical staff, supervisors and senior executives, but could not find evidence to support charges of fraud, bid rigging or falsifying records, the release said.

After the scandal was uncovered, ICBC apologized to the buyers of the rebuilt cars and offered to buy the vehicles back or have them inspected.

It also brought in new rules for employees barring them from dealing in salvaged vehicles.