The head of Kelowna's RCMP detachment is recommending that Const. Geoff Mantler face formal disciplinary action for disgraceful conduct in all three on-duty assaults of which he's accused.

Mantler has been charged with assault in two cases, including an incident Jan. 7, when he was caught on camera kicking a man in the face during an arrest.

The B.C. Crown announced Thursday it would not lay charges against Mantler in a third case of alleged assault, reported to have occurred on Aug. 10, 2010. 

In that incident, Jeremy Packer, 30, said he was ordered at gunpoint to get out of his car after two officers pulled him over for suspicion of theft of a boat he was towing.

Packer claimed that his seatbelt became stuck and before he could free the belt, an officer punched him repeatedly in the face. Packer was not charged with any offences because it turned out he was actually respossessing the boat for his employer.

Top B.C. officer to decide

But Supt. Bill McKinnon said later he believes Mantler should face formal disciplinary action in all three incidents, including the incident in which criminal charges won't be laid .

"We do not have control over what happens on the criminal side," McKinnon said. "But there is a different and separate process for us internally to hold our employees accountable. The behaviour that Const. Mantler is being accused of here has fallen short of the expectations that I have our members and that the public have of us."


Suspended Kelowna RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler appears in court April 26. ((CBC))

McKinnon's recommendation that Mantler be formally discplined has been forwarded to the head of B.C. RCMP, who will decide if the officer will face a hearing and adjudication board.

Prosecutors and police have not released any details about the second incident for which Mantler is charged, which occurred Aug. 30, 2010.

Mantler is scheduled to appear in court to face both charges April 26.

The officer remains suspended with pay.

With files from the CBC's Jackie Sharkey