A B.C. mom says she was too busy to be worried when the twins she was carrying decided it was time to come out as her husband sped down the highway toward the hospital in Kamloops.

Nika Guilbault lives in Sorrento, B.C., about an hour's drive from the hospital. When she realized she was going into labour, Guilbault says she and her husband, Chris St. Jean, fired up the pickup truck.

'As soon as she came out, I grabbed her. I had her breathing, gave her two little puffs of air and she got breathing right away.' - Nika Guilbault, mom of twins Hunter and Nevada

A half hour into the trip, the twins Guilbault was carrying decided they couldn't wait to see their mother.

"It wasn't 30 minutes, and I was in full labour and started to deliver my first child and pretty much had to deliver her as my husband was driving," the 28-year-old mother said.

Guilbault was sitting in the passenger seat of her husband's pickup truck when her daughter, Nevada, arrived.

"I was just dealing with the situation, and as soon as she came out, I grabbed her," Guilbault said. "I had her breathing, gave her two little puffs of air, and she got breathing right away, and I just wrapped her up in a blanket in my shirt and tucked her in there as I was waiting for the second one, hoping to make it to the hospital on time."

Nika Guibault

Nika Guilbault with the Dodge twins. Guilbault brought her babies into the world from the passenger seat of a pickup truck while her husband raced toward the hospital. (submitted by Chris St. Jean)

Her son, Hunter, came next.

"Just as we were getting into the hospital, as we were pulling in, my water broke, and I was starting to deliver my second one, and when we got to the parking lot, he was all the way out, feet first, except for his head," Guilbault said.

She says doctors helped her finish delivering Hunter in the hospital parking lot.

"[They] took him in and got him breathing, because he had the cord around his neck once ...

"Everything worked out well… luckily."

' I just knew what was happening, and I just had to deal with it.' - Nika Guilbault

Guilbault—who features in the next season of reality TV show Yukon Gold—says being raised on a farm probably helped her deal with the situation.

"Growing up on a farm and delivering baby animals and knowing sort of what has to be done and the whole process of it, it didn't bother me that much. I just knew what was happening, and I just had to deal with it."

Guilbault says panicking wouldn't have helped. The doctors, she says, were more surprised than her.

The twins are doing well, she said.

She has named her daughter Nevada Sienna and given her son the middle name of Dodge, and nicknamed both of them the "Dodge twins."

With files from Brady Strachan