Abbotsford police say a new gang has stepped in to replace the once-notorious Red Scorpion and U.N. gangs after they were shattered by a deadly turf war and a police crackdown.

Const. Ian McDonald says investigators are keeping a close eye on three siblings that they call the Duhre group, which they allege are controlling a large number of marijuana grow-ops and trafficking in cocaine, crack and oxycontin.

Investigators say the Duhre group is looking to cash in on a lucrative drug market left in disarray after a number of high-profile arrests and police worry many low-level gangsters have re-aligned themselves with them.

"They have moved into the territory. We're letting people in the public know, because that was part of our obligation, and they are on the top of our list of people and individuals and groups that we have to deal with, because they're controlling the drug trade out here," said McDonald on Wednesday.