The B.C. government is overhauling election rules which will include new spending limits, a so-called "gag" on third party advertising and stronger voter identification requirements.

Attorney General Wally Oppal says the changes follow recommendations made by B.C.'s chief electoral officer in 2006, to clarify the process for voter registration, establish a more accurate voters' list and give the electoral officer more power to enforce the rules.

Under the changes, each party can spend up to $4.4 million on the 28-day election campaign, and up to $2.2 million during the 120-day period before the campaign begins.

Restrictions on third party advertising, so-called election gag laws, will see third parties limited to spending $150,000 during the entire 148-day period.

The new law will also ban contributions from federal political parties to prevent federal tax dollars from funding provincial campaigns.

In addition, door-to-door enumerations will resume after the 2009 election, voter identification requirements will be beefed up to reduce voter fraud, and some voters will be able to register by telephone.