New attack website targets B.C. NDP leader

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix says the provincial Liberal's latest attack on him says more about the governing party's desperation than it does about him.
The website is says it's financed by the B.C. Liberals. (

B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix says the provincial Liberals’ latest attack on him shows the governing party is desperate and short of ideas.

Dix is the target of a new website,, which features several pictures of the NDP leader and headlines like, "The Real Adrian Dix," Dix’s Uncomfortable Tax Record" and "Nineties Credit Ratings Downgrades." 

There's a photo of a smashed piggy bank and graphics showing the province's debt rising and credit rating falling.

Dix was a ministerial assistant in the Harcourt government in the 1990s and later served as chief of staff to Harcourt’s successor, Glen Clark.

The B.C. Liberals make no effort to hide their involvement in the website, admitting on each page that it has been "authorized by Jim Pipe, financial agent, B.C. Liberal Party."

Liberal MLA John Les, the parliamentary secretary to the premier, insists the website is not a personal attack on Dix.

"He has a history. He has a track record. I think it's fair ball for people to know what that is," said Les.

The website describes Dix as, "the chief architect of the NDP's disastrous economic policies in the 1990s."

But the NDP leader laughs at the idea he had that kind of clout.

"They're desperate. They don't really have an agenda so they're launching personal attacks everywhere."

Dix said it's similar to the Liberals' earlier attack on new B.C. Conservative party leader John Cummins

"I think that the premier is being badly advised here," said Dix. "I think this is bad for her and bad for the government."

With files from the CBC's Jeff Davies