A North Vancouver 'Net-Zero' home is finally ready for occupancy and is expected to produce more energy than it consumes with features like eco-friendly heating.

Naikoon Contracting Ltd President Joe Geluch says he personally managed the project known as the Midori Uchi or in Japanese, 'green home' because he will be living in it for a year to test it out.

Geluch says the home is completely net-zero so he expects it will produce more energy for the power grid than it consumes, with the help of an air-to-water heat pump.

"It's an outdoor unit that sits there and condenses the heat or cold out of the air and puts that into the system heating your domestic hot water, heating the floors or cooling the floors," explains Geluch,

The 2,400 square-foot home uses recycled waste water from its showers and baths to flush the toilets.

The roof is built from prefabricated, heat-preserving insulated panels, and the building features triple-glazed windows and the only residential rammed earth wall in Metro Vancouver to reduce energy loss.

Geluch says the entire project was completed in 18 months with locally-sourced, reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

To see more of the building, take a tour with our reporter in the video above or view the photogallery.