B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix delivered a key speech at the party's convention in Vancouver on Saturday, the final meeting before the next provincial election.

Dix spoke to about 700 delegates from across the province, laying out the party's plans for the future — including a victory in the next provincial election.

"I have targeted seats — there are 85 of them — and we are going to take the fight to the Liberal Party in every single seat across British Columbia," Dix said to applause from the crowd.

He also looked back on the party's accomplishments over the past year.

Last year, former leader Carole James was forced to resign after an internal coup that pitted party members against one another. But Dix insisted on Saturday the New Democrats have since united.

James drove that message home as well while she spoke briefly at the convention.

"I said the day I resigned that it wasn't important for all of us to be best friends," she said. "It was important for us to be able get on with the work."

The next provincial election is in May 2013.